b-5, precarious tasks
#4 sharing dreams with others, and then making a collective story

year: 2013
form: collective acts
material: photograph and text
size: 730X1100mm
credits: created with blanClass, Yokohama
supported by The Japan Foundation

artist’s notes:

I met a potter in a village about two hours from Beijing. She said to me at the very end of our meeting, " I remember this moment in which we chatted and had tea together from a dream." We hadn't met before and I'd never visited this village. But somehow I had met her through her dream. What if dreams function as a tool to share something with others? In this edition of "precarious tasks," in an attempt to share our dreams, we will take a nap at blanClass, and afterward talk about the dreams we have. This might mean collecting individual stories to combine into one story. How is it possible to share something with others through our dreams?



participants (2013/1/25):

Yoko Asai, Hatsuko Inamura, Tamao Iwasa, Kodama Kanazawa, Junichi Kojima, Mika Kuraya, Chun Chih Ma, Hagoromo Okamoto, Eri Takehisa, Tae Yamagiwa, Tomomi Yasui, Iori Yosimoto


浅井 陽子、稲村 初子、岩佐 玉青、岡本 羽衣、金澤 韻、蔵屋 美香、小島 順一、武久 絵里、馬 君馳、安井 友美、山際 妙、吉本 伊織